Who are we and what are we doing here?
Olivier Industries is a family-run company based in Germany.
Which has made it its goal to combine art and high fashion streetwear. Art has always been a big part of the street, but was never really appreciated, which fortunately is no longer the case today. This street art, which embodies rebellion against oppression and xenophobia, we are now trying to put on fashion and canvas to present it to the world with your support.
The main logo of "Olivier Industries" is also the coat of arms of the Olivier family. Family, such a strong word, which you can find not only in your own four walls, but also on the street, be it skating or practicing the "forbidden" art, a cohesion which you can only find in a family.
So today I would like to welcome you to the "Olivier Industries" family.
Not only people are important to us, but also animals and the environment, which is why we don't order in bulk abroad, but each individual product, where possible only made to order or made to order and choose our suppliers and production partners very carefully.
This means for you better quality, sustainable materials, environmentally conscious production and delivery as well as fair payment.
If you have any questions or problems you want to tell us, my team and I would be happy to hear from you.
- Jean Olivier -