How do you produce?
We produce every single product exactly according to your order, from printing to size, everything is made according to your order. We have partners around the world who manufacture the products with us and ship directly to you. This saves resources and we can better control how our products are made. Due to the organic color printing compositions, our shirts should also be washed inside out at 30 degrees and with the same colors to avoid bleeding. However, if something is not right, please contact support. We will be happy to help you and find a solution together.
Why is my delivery taking so long?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, there are bottlenecks everywhere due to increased security precautions and considerable time spent in production. On the one hand this is good because you can see that hygiene is maintained (only a limited number of employees etc.), on the other hand we know that it is annoying for you and for this we and I as the owner of Olivier Industries TM would like to apologize to you.

Why are you so expensive in comparison?

Each product is handmade, sewn and printed. This saves resources, but is very time consuming and costly as we mainly manufacture or produce to order in Europe and the USA. We have a few exceptions that are made in controlled factories in Asia, but that is done under the strictest conditions and also by hand, not in bulk, but only to order. In addition, the shipping costs from these countries are unfortunately enormous at the moment, which is unfortunately also reflected in the prices.
As a positive aspect I would like to bring in that our designs are all unique, all invented and designed by ourselves. If one of our designs or even the logo or the name should appear somewhere, then it is definitely not approved by us and a fake and we would be happy if you would let us know.

Where are you represented everywhere?

Currently in our online store, on Etsy and on Amazon, with our fun shirts (Jean Olivier designs) still on Amazon. If you see any of our designs or even the logo or name, it is definitely not approved by us and is a fake and we would appreciate if you would point it out to us.

Do you have any other brands?

Yes, Zander Claus TM is also one of our brands and can be purchased in our stores on Etsy and Amazon under our brand. Beware of platforms like ......shirt etc where these designs are offered without our knowledge, we are working on this but you can also report the designs to their support. We thank everyone who supports our work and this brings us to the last point of the FAQ.

Do you also donate?

Of course we also donate, this is a very special need for us and especially for me, so we and I like to donate to different institutions. As a very personal concern there is the German Children's and Cancer Aid, this and other things like (sponsorships etc.) existed and will exist even without the store, we don't need the store for that, but through the store we have much more possibilities to help others.

Do you have any questions? Suggestions or design wishes for one of our products? Just pass them on to me.