Our new Canvas Art Print collection is now live - Olivier Industries ® Art & Apparel

Our new Canvas Art Print collection is now live

People asking, why don't you just do streetwear and always do crazy art projects and rad colors?
Because we are different, were different and will always be different. We don't give a fuck about what others think or allow themselves to think.
Many call themselves artists or designers but just copy other people.
How many times have we had to turn on Amazon because other wannabees copied us?
We stand for real art, real handmade products, real values, real street and street art. We lived it back then and know what's going on and how you feel out there. Everyone talks about "we live the lifestyle" but don't even know the principles of the street codex. Don't know what it's like to run from the cops because you lived your art, don't know what it's like to stick up for others, don't know what it's like to give everything for each other, to go to jail for others just to protect your "family". How it is to go in and out of everyone's house because you respected each other and got the respect accordingly. Nowadays people stab each other, rat you out to the cops, pretend to be traders, gurus and omniscient, create fashion brands at the expense of real artists and cheat the customers where they can. And that's why we do whatever we like. We have always been and will always be rebels, we will never adapt to society, we will never take a step back, we will stand together and fall together. We will not put our principles back for anyone, will continue to give everything for you and us. We will continue to collaborate with other companies that share the same values and we will continue to send the others packing. We will continue to collaborate with "stars" who like us and we like and continue to give the middle finger to other "stars" who do not share our values. We will continue to be your best friend or worst nightmare. We will continue to present our personal opinion, our lifestyle and us here and who doesn't like it, there are many other "brands" out there who want to sell you nice things. So please go to those if you don't go with us daccord. To all other customers, friends and advocates of rebellion, respect, art and the street, our store and staff are always at your side. Always keep your head up and show the world that you are more than they think of you. So enjoy more art and streetwear from our store. We hope this little statement explains why we have so many different facets.We collaborated with a POD manufactor to print the products all over the world. If you want an Art piece as a poster or something else contact us.